Knowledge explosion and ever-changing and progressive technology has created a demand for competent and change oriented faculty. Institutions are forever looking for the X factor which will set apart the faculty and give them the competitive edge in this era of constant change.

Faculty look forward to new learning, want to enhance their skills, rejuvenate themselves by being researchers, problem solvers and creative learners. The spirit of unlearning , relearning and life-long learning is a pre-requisite for a self motivated and confident teacher. To keep up with the recent trends in education, analyse them and adapt them in their classrooms requires a disciplined approach to learning from experts and experienced trainers aware of the policy, the developments and also the future possibilities.

We have a dedicated team of trainers at all levels- pre-primary, primary, secondary and the collegiate level. We have a repository of over 400 -500 modules designed and tested in the classrooms across schools and colleges. We have worked with over 100 institutions customising the training needs and elevating the performance of the faculty and bringing a smile on the faces of the school leaders and the students alike.


Leadership Training

The quality of a school is judged by the quality of leadership. Leadership is an art and can be developed. Leadership is not the same as managing. Leadership is visionary, emotional, dynamic, change oriented and strategic. Good leadership is central to a good school. The leaders are action oriented, ready to identify the differentiator for the school and develop a unique identity for the school. For this to happen they have to be trained in both administrative and academic areas. ACT has already conducted over 500 leadership training programmes at the middle level, for principals and also for the Heads of Departments. ACT’s Academic Leadership programme equips academic leaders and management in realizing this goal. Some of the modules included in Academic Leadership programme are Leadership in a Changing Environment, Creative Leadership, Change Management, Collaborative Management and Team Building, Visioning of an Institution, and Financial Management.