We lead and develop education, life skills, soft skills, leadership training workshops. Train the trainer workshops, seminars. We conduct and on-site trainings including preparing materials, delivering presentations. We act as technical resource for government organizations at the school and college level education. We work with in-house teams to develop instructional and presentation materials to support teacher professional development programs.


We conduct specialized training for the teachers at the pre- primary level. The training is focused understanding the needs of the 3-6 year old learners. The training emphasizes – aspects of socialization, the play way method, the formal nuances or reading writing, arithmetic and language learning. The emphasis is on thematic teaching, phonics, learning by doing and out of classroom learning.


The focus of the workshops is on concept building, activity based learning and collaborative learning. The training also builds in a exploration of application of concepts in the real world and the study skills needed to be an independent learner. Individualized instruction and differentiated methods of teaching and formative assessment of learning are the pillars of teaching learning methodology.


The focus in the higher grades has been more on consolidation of the knowledge and the strengthening of independent learning. Subject specialization and expertise in approach and methods at this level is a prerequisite for developing study habits and preparing the learner for the transition from school to college life.


The training is customized to the needs of the lecturers and professors where in creative teaching techniques for large classrooms and the emphasis is more on student mentoring, learning styles and teacher attitude.


The training is more on creative teaching techniques, teacher attitude, life skills, communication and presentation skills which bring in interactivity and creativity in the classroom.


It is a weekend programme spread over 6 months which provides opportunities for in-service training. It is a platform for teachers to update themselves with knowledge, skills and understand the current trends in education. The course has several modules on creativity, content enrichment, pedagogy, and assessment and teacher leadership. A module on ‘teacher as a researcher’ is included to encourage teachers to undertake action research in their classrooms.


The B.Ed programme provides a glimpse into the life of a teacher as a professional but the practicalities of the profession are not looked into. It is a complete three month programme that gives a finishing touch to the newly qualified teacher and aspiring teachers to make the transition into the professional world easily. It augments essential teacher competencies such as content knowledge, creative teaching techniques, activity based instruction and teacher attributes such as communication skills, empathy, confidence, values and ethics. On completion of the course placement in ACT associate schools is guaranteed.


Training teachers is an integral activity while collaborating with schools and colleges, but several managements have approached ACT for creating a core group of Master Trainers who take up the training in their groups of institutions. The trainers are identified, coached and mentored in training techniques, organizing workshops.

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