Teacher training programme happens at 3 levels:

Induction programme:

This programme will be offered to all teachers at the pre-primary, primary and secondary level. The Induction programme would provide them with the essential knowledge about the vision and policies of the school and grounding in ethics and right attitudes. The programme would be repeated for new entrants to the profession and also newly inducted faculty and other staff.

Orientation Programme:

This includes set of programmes aimed at training and focusing the teachers’ attention towards areas which enhance their insights and ability to teach effectively. This phase of training will take place when new concepts and ideas are introduced in the school to keep abreast with changes and new methods of teaching which have evolved.

Refresher Programme:

These programmes will be organized subject wise. It involves content enrichment and giving inputs about the techniques of teaching. This would be done in very small groups or even one to one depending on the need. This phase may come in once the school is well established or start concurrently with the induction also to enrich the existing knowledge of the teachers.

ACT’s approach to training primarily focuses on changing attitudes, relating concepts, empowering trainees and energizing classrooms such that learning is a joyful experience for the learners. The focus of training will be on using the material in the classroom, relating it to textual content. It will also enhance teacher involvement in class and content. It will provide opportunity for teachers to implement new creative techniques of teaching. The training is a capacity building exercise and hones the talent. The thrust is on building capacity and managing the implementation in classrooms to impact student learning and growth.

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