Nandi International Residential School, is an English medium school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, (C.B.S.E), New Delhi. The school believes in providing international quality education at affordable costs. The school is a co-educational. The school will start its academic functions for the year 2009. Nandi International Residential School, feels there is tremendous scope for development and improvement in the knowledge society where the children have to compete globally and a multitasking creative team player is the employers’ need and requirement. With this focus, the management has approached ACT to devise a strategy to develop the school and enhance quality systems in the institution such that it can enhance creativity, discipline among learners. A dedicated team of teachers have to re-orient to new ways of knowledge management with technology based teaching with an emphasis on self learning. The team has to acquire new strategies of management of teaching and learning and develop a philosophy of leadership in personnel management to be in the top notch institution globally. A team of visionaries perceive the school as an addition to the conglomerate of educational institutions in Bagalkot.

It is also imperative that a leader with a global vision and commitment be in charge to develop the potential of the teachers and the learners to make Nandi International Residential School a name to reckon in the coming days. A set of processes and systems be created to manage the residential boarders. Ultimately it is with a focus on leadership being process centric rather person centric.  In such a case a synergy of the strengths of ACT and Nandi International Residential School would undoubtedly create a wave of change that would gather momentum and reach tidal proportions


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