To successfully participate in our increasingly competitive society, takes multiple abilities guided by a sound and stable mind.
Therefore, the all round development of a child’s mental and physical abilities and not just exam readiness is what will give the child the right foundation to excel in this complex world.
In India, great emphasis is placed on developing the mental abilities of a child. Development of the physical aspects in most of our schools is, at best, addressed through “Physical Education” or “PE”. There is an imbalance that is created due to this lop-sided view of child development. Mental and physical abilities go hand in hand and striking a good balance helps each of the abilities to take root and give the child a strong foundation to take on the complexities of living in our world.
KALS has been created by one of India’s best known athletes – Ashwini Nachappa. Over the years Ashwini has come to represent that side of development that has been neglected. Her success has come against all the odds that the one-sided “mental” system places on a child. She has realized that her experience in developing both her physical as well as her mental abilities has stood her in good stead in going the distance of life.
It is extremely important to empower our students with appropriate life skills and a sound knowledge. KALS respects cultures of all students and staff and promotes integration and appreciation. We encourage students to look beyond the walls of the classroom and develop both their mental and physical capabilities. A key feature of KALS is our focus on sporting excellence. Ashwini’s Sports Foundation, a professionally managed sports foundation has given opportunities through year round training and competitions for our students to excel in various school/ state and National level competitions
KALS is a co-educational ICSE residential School


Mrs Gouramma Nanjappa, Principal

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