At The Happy Valley School, the value system is demonstrated and not taught.  By ensuring that every member of the school follows the value system in day-day activities, children automatically learn the value system and the discipline it takes to be successful.  By investigating the reason behind some of the non-acceptable behavior of the children, the THVS team is successful in correcting the behavior without imposing any punishment or disciplinary action.  Our belief is that every child is a god’s gift and there is reason by every action.  By identifying the reason behind their actions and explaining the consequences, we can bring a sea of change in the attitude of the children.

At The Happy Valley School the emphasis is on trusting learners with the implicit knowledge of life. We will encourage honesty in learning and share and encourage individualized learning modules. The teacher learner bond is transparent and respectful.

With zeal and energy we dream to scale the stars but the courage and conviction shall lead us beyond

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